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Looking for Lodging, Food & More Adventure?

Adventure Harney has a new Recreation Adventure Guide! Copies will be provided at the Chamber of Commerce in Burns, OR.


Here's a brochure of all the Malheur Nation Forest's campgrounds. Hint: Idlewild is the closest USFS campground to Burns.


Other amenities, including food and lodging, can be found in this Harney County brochure.


If you check out and search for Burns, you'll find 20 different places to rent including a few houses which can host upwards of 8 people.

Cap the Climax Stagecoach Odyssey:

Renaissance Cyclist - part of the Adventure Harney team - has been quietly piecing together a truly absurd mega-route over the last half-decade. This 900+ mile behemoth also features micro-epic overnight loops designed to be tackled in a weekend so folks can piece together the route over time little by little.


While this project is still ongoing, 95% of the route has been bikepacked thus far and an official inaugural roll-out is tentatively planned for 2021.

Below is an interactive map of Renaissance Cyclists' 2019 scouting expedition for the Cap the Climax full of loads of lovely visuals. If you're interested in riding any portion of this route, feel free to contact us through this site to be put in touch with Renaissance.

Other Rides

While most folks have never heard of Burns or Harney County, this part of the country is home to some of the most mind-blowing gravel cycling in North America. If you're traveling out to race the Skull and not factoring time into your trip to ride at least one of these routes, you're cutting yourself short...

image (1).png


(Exclusively Road - Try on its own or as an extension of the Old West Scenic Byway)

image (2).png

How About Things that Don't Include Riding a Bike?

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